Seattle area gluten free choices

Disclaimer: No one in our family suffers from celiac disease or is allergic to wheat.  As such we cannot speak to how meticulous these places are with their gluten-free food preparation as we likely would not notice some cross contamination. We do suspect gluten sensitivity and as such have compiled a list of some restaurants which have gluten free choices to make it easier to plan our meals when eating out.*

*Update: Well it turns out that I am allergic to wheat.  After suffering from stomach aches off and on for over 10 years and being told it was IBS, I finally cut wheat out of my diet for a couple of months – trying a low carb diet actually – and discovered upon re-introducing a little wheat that I am unable to do so without getting sick.  I seem to be able to handle a small amount soy sauce in Chinese food, but not much more than that. (I pretty much avoid Chinese food after having too many reactions). So while I myself indulged in gluten-laden products outside the home I will now be referring to this list for myself. There are so many places to eat that it would probably be better to simply point out ingredients and foods to watch out for when eating out. I might do that down the road but here are a few places in the meantime. I’ll try to update over time with the chains as you will come across those more often.

Blue Moon Burgers – gluten-free bun option from Wheatless in Seattle (not always available)
Boom Noodle – gluten-free option
Flying Apron Bakery – all gluten-free and vegan
Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza – gluten-free pizza dough option
Jet City Pizza – gluten-free pizza dough option
Outback Steak House – gluten-free menu
Portage Bay Cafe – gluten-free buckwheat pancakes, other choices ordered without bread. I usually go for Phil’s breakfast without toast.
Red Robin has a gluten-free menu you can ask for. Some also have gluten-free buns.
Romio’s Pizza – gluten-free pizza dough option
Sushi (bring your own gluten-free soy sauce. Safeway sells the small packets).
Thai food – always good for lots of gluten-free choices since they usually only use rice noodles (ask though if it’s not clear).
Zaw Artisan Bake at Home Pizza – gluten-free pizza dough option