Flying Apron Bakery

On Sunday, we headed into Fremont to try out Flying Apron, a gluten-free, organic, and vegan bakery. Eating out has been a little tricky with a child who might be gluten intolerant. The idea of not being able eat his favorite foods from some of our favorite restaurants is still so new so we try to avoid eating at places where we’ll have deal with telling him what he can or cannot eat.

This place was a real treat for my son. To be able to walk into a bakery and know that he could choose anything without mom and dad having to remind him that there’s wheat in whatever it is he picked?! The kid was in heaven! And with so many choices, he didn’t really know what to pick so we just bought a box of pastries to share.

The children of course loved everything. I had the carrot muffin which was carroty, and moist. Just the way I like it. I did however find that most of the pastries were beany in flavor from the garbanzo bean flour that they use in the pastries. They were also quite dense as a few gluten-free pastries I’ve tried tend to be. That said, we would still go back because there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve made your kid’s day with a special treat.

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