Gluten-free Gyoza

My husband had a weekday off a few weeks back and we sort of took advantage of this by eating at a restaurant we knew we couldn’t go to with our son who we suspect might have a gluten intolerance. We decided on a dim sum restaurant where the dumplings are all made from scratch right there. Halfway through the meal, I looked down at my plate of dumplings and my heart ached at the thought that my son is not able to eat them anymore. I went home determined to make a gluten free version for my son and thankfully, it was a success.

Gyoza wrappers.

The photo above is of my first batch of wrappers. I started to fill these and very quickly found out that they were too thick and too small (my biscuit cutter is roughly 3 inches in diameter, a 4 inch cutter would be better). I simply thinned them out a bit with the rolling pin.

My filling is very simple. Ground pork, an egg, green onions, and a splash of gf tamari. I was also a little worried that the wrappers would be a flop so my plan was to make a small batch.

The finished product. I still need to work on my wrapping skills so they were not pretty but boy did they taste good. Homemade wrappers, gluten or gluten-free, always seem to be a little chewier than the pre-made wrappers you buy in a package. We prepared some frozen, store bought gyoza (wheat) and ate them along with the gluten-free ones I made that day and guess which ones everybody preferred? There’s something to be said for freshly made pasta of any kind.

You can find the wrapper recipe I used here.

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