Seattle area restaurants

This is a list of Seattle-area food places that we have tried. I make no promises that you will like them, but I keep this as a running log for myself and sometimes note whether I liked a place or not or whether I would go there again. There may also be a short review for some of these if I ever got around to writing one.

Cafe Campagne
Citrus Thai
Crab Pot
Daniel’s Broiler
Din Tai Fung
Dog Japon
Fu Lin
House of Hong
La Fontana Siciliana
La Isla
Le Pichet
Lunchbox Laboratory
Marination Mobile
Maximilien In The Market
McCormick & Schmick’s
Mililani Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine
New Hong Kong Restaurant
Patty Coynes
PF Changs China Bistro
Pho Basil
Pho Binh
Pho Cyclo
Pho Than Brothers
Portage Bay Cafe
Purple Cafe
SAM Taste
Sea Star
South Lake Union Grill
Texas Smokehouse Bar-B-Q
The Other Coast
The Pink Door
Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria
Virginia Inn